Chris 51 is an alien. He believes it and you will too when you meet him. There is no way a human being could accomplish what he has without any sleep, drugs or extraterrestrial powers. He wrote columns for three major tattoo magazines, has published twelve books on everything from football trivia to children's books, a sexy crime novel to poetry. He tattoos around the world, teaches business and marketing seminars, is an All-Star father, realized and cast the A&E show Epic Ink. He created the Geeksterink Legends Comic con Tattoo Tour, the biggest of its kind in the world. 

Chris loves 1980's cartoons,

collecting action figures, 

donuts, The Simpsons

and has never met a

chocolate chip cookie he

didn't like.

The self-proclaimed Artertainer

combines alpha-male-ism with

over-confidence and general

sweetness of character. He is

a risk taker and life lover. In

short...a super-tasking geek!

chris 51