My first job was working at a Local Comic Shop in Vancouver Washington. That’s what kicked off my passion for pop-culture. Stocking the shelves late night, hustling to get there on my bike after school to check out the latest issues and going to help out at all the local Comic conventions. Getting the opportunity to meet amazing artists and writers. That was the summer that started it all...That experience motivated me to reach for the sky and beyond. My imagination has no limit! Pop-culture is my passion.. From 80’s cartoons to Comics and Sci-fi.  But I enjoy learning it all.

My true love is my family ( Star Wars is a close second) After all it was my Wife and daughter who dubbed me “Darth Daddy”. I couldn’t be happier to be a part of Area51 and their amazing crew, I look forward to bringing out your inner nerd. Let your geek flag fly and of course……. “May the Force be with you”       -Darth Daddy