Elise is an Oregonian at heart and finds her artistic inspiration in nature. Apprentice under mentor, Chris 51, Elise officially joined the talented Area 51 tattoo crew in August 2023. Her style focuses mostly on fine line work and dot work, although she always loves to throw some color in a piece! Elise is the artist for you if you're looking for botanical imagery, geometry, mandalas, and ornamental designs. 

A forever student of herbalism and art, Elise is consistently in awe of the beauty found in nature. It inspires most everything she does from tending the land she lives on, to making her own herbal medicines, to her tattoo designs. Elise is a proud mother to her two children and loves adventuring with her kids, husband, and pup in the forests and beaches around Oregon and beyond. 

Elise would love to work with you to make your body adornment dreams come true!